Rhone GoldFusion Collection

For the most part, the world of technical fabrics is pretty inert. Lots of brands are resting on their laurels instead of putting in the hard work of challenging themselves to do something fresh or different. Rhone, on the other hand, is pushing the boundaries with new innovative ideas like their brand new GoldFusion Collection.

This line of clothing utilizes a new proprietary technology developed in concert with a team of biochemists. The custom fabrics used to make up the athletic shorts, shirts, and quarter zip shirt in this line are all infused with gold particles that make the clothes softer, faster drying, odor neutralizing, and longer lasting. Much in the same way that some hiking socks rely on the properties of copper, or even silver, the application of gold enhances the ability of this clothing to wick sweat, and hold color for up to four times longer than others on the market. You can get your hands on a pair of these starting at $68. [Purchase]