Rhone Redefines Men’s Basics With An Innovative Self-Sustaining Yarn

As simple as undergarments are in concept, they’re extremely difficult to execute in practice. Whether it’s because of poor fit, itchy materials, or cheap construction, the wrong basics will only serve to set you up for discomfort. Because let’s face it — if you’re going to be wearing something against your skin day in and day out, it’s of the utmost importance to get it right.

Billed as the most advanced basics wear on the market, Rhone’s all-new ‘Everyday Essentials’ collection packs some seriously premium performance qualities. For instance, each piece is made from a custom-developed fabric featuring soft pima cotton and a self-sustaining modal yarn made from beech trees. In practice, this means that the Everyday Essentials collection is not just comfortable; it’s also made to move. Within the collection, there are five pieces, including two boxer varieties, two undershirt styles, and a pair of socks. With elements like no-roll waistbands, tagless construction, and no-slip heel grips, Rhone’s basics are unmatched in their quality and fit. If you’ve been hunting for an underwear upgrade, look no further. These are available now from Rhone in sets and individual pieces starting at $14.

Purchase: $14+