RhinoWolf Modular Super Tent

Having shopped around for tents ourselves, we can tell you first-hand that it is extremely difficult to find a camping shelter that covers all the bases. With large ones, they’re often too big and cumbersome for shorter trips with fewer people, but small ones don’t have the ability to expand to suit greater numbers of occupants. Plus, you also have to carry around a sleeping bag and, if you want to be comfortable, a mattress. Well, with the Rhinowolf, all those bases are covered and more.

This clever super tent is actually a modular structure. That means alone it is perfect for one person, but it can actually link together with other Rhinowolfs to create a larger single structure. It also has a built-in mattress and sleeping bag, but still collapses down into an incredibly small format and weighs just 5.5 pounds – freeing up some much-needed carry space and lightening your load. On top of that, it’s windproof, waterproof, and bug-proof. Our favorite feature, however, might be the single spine design. That’s right, the Rhinowolf is free of all poles, save one, which makes it easy and timely to set up, even if you’re alone. You can back this project on Indiegogo right now starting at $269.

Indiegogo: $269+