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Rezvani’s Mysterious ‘Hercules 6×6’ Will Be Its Most Formidable Truck Ever

Whenever the automotive industry’s truck and SUV segment gets a bit drab, Rezvani steps in to make things interesting, once again. Over the years, the company’s formidable vehicles have served as a reality check for the genre’s designers whenever complacency takes hold — and now, the outfit has teased its most capable platform to-date.

The Rezvani Motors Hercules 6×6 arrives as a military-inspired utility vehicle devised to take on the world’s most chaotic terrain, thanks to its steel body, on-frame construction, world-class FOX Racing suspension system, and robust power plant. While information about the vehicle’s specific traits is sparse, there’s no doubt that the truck’s adversarial demeanor will act as a much-needed antidote for the industry’s pickup segment, due to its unique 6×6 design. For those who aren’t quite sold on the Hercules’ power, there’s even a militarized version, which is slated to take on bulletproof glass, body armor, and a bolstered suite of high-tech security features. Head to Rezvani’s website to learn more about the monstrous pickup before its impending launch in the summer.

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