Rezvani Beast Alpha X ‘Blackbird’

Being named after one of the most notable examples of aeronautical achievement can be hefty shoes to fill, especially if the moniker is in homage to the fastest plane ever. Supercar producer Rezvani took the name game to heart when coining an alias for their newest machine, with the Beast Alpha X ‘Blackbird’ being the fastest car produced by the young manufacturer.

Building off of their proven Beast Alpha X platform, Rezvani took their supercar to the next level in emulation of the SR-71 Blackbird, the American spy plane capable of speeds over 2,000 miles per hour, by cranking out an additional 100 horsepower from their peppy 2.5-Liter turbocharged inline four power plant. The Blackbird features the same removable hard-top lid and proprietary sidewinder door hinges as the base Beast Alpha X, but adds custom trim to the purpose built racing seats, matching the green accents that adorn the exterior of the car. A full carbon fiber body allows for a curb weight that tallies just over a ton, making the Blackbird a pound for ponies contender with the world’s fastest cars, at a fraction of their cost.

Purchase: $225,000