Rexford Rut V2 Titanium Utility Tool

You don’t know how helpful having a utility tool on hand is until you actually carry one daily. Like learning a new word, the myriad ways in which something like the Rexford Rut V2 Titanium Utility Tool makes itself useful become apparent as soon as you get one for yourself.

More than just a blade, this American made tool is built by renowned knife designer Todd Rexford, and boasts a super lightweight titanium frame that features a bottle opener and a flathead screwdriver. This means you can liberate beers, tighten screws, and pry open hinges just as easily as you can slice through boxes. And despite the super over-engineered look, all you have to do in order to deploy the blade is to clear the sturdy lock bar on the frame. Once you extend the razor out of the frame, the handle of the knife provides plenty of leverage to do everything from open boxes to trim paracord. To top all of that off, Todd Rexford’s RUT is light and small enough to fit on your keychain for quick and easy access. A top quality add on to your EDC.

Purchase: $149