These Comfy & Stylish Jeans Were Made By Ex-Under Armour Execs

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Denim jeans are undeniably a men’s style staple. However, they usually come with a big caveat: a sacrifice of comfort for style. When a group of Under Armour executives left to start their own brand, called Revtown, they decided to tackle the material and make it better for an active lifestyle without sacrificing on the appearance and quality. And their Taper jeans bear the fruit of that endeavor.

Revtown’s take on a skinny jean, the Taper boasts a slim waist and hips with a taper through the leg opening — offering up plenty of modern styling. But they were also built with the brand’s three most important tenets in mind: comfort, function, and durability. As such, they are built with a proprietary, designer-quality Italian denim that’s plenty handsome but also durable enough to last through years and years of wear. Better still, they’re designed with mobility in mind — meaning they won’t bunch up in the crotch, strangle your thighs, or cause any unsightly undercarriage sweating. Hop into a pair in one of four smart finishes now for just $79.

Purchase: $79