RevoZport Turns Tesla’s Model-X SUV Into A Carbon-Clad Rally Car

Tesla’s genre-bending vehicles have received their fair share of aftermarket kits, including a large and robust catalog of body-focused upgrades. Years ago, RevoZport, one of the world’s leading styling specialists, brought its very own offering to the table for Model-X owners, incorporating carbon fiber peripherals, improved dynamics, and greater aesthetic changes. Now, the brand is updating its design for 2020 with the “Model-XR” — an extension of the previous offering.

As its name suggests, the Model-XR kit is still catered toward owners of the Tesla SUV. This time, however, it’s a little more extreme, thanks to its vented composite hood, an active rear wing that can be raised, and lowered, and a widened body to accommodate larger wheels/tires. The lightweight kit also calls upon an improved diffuser, splitter, and side-skirts to improve the Model-X’s drag coefficient and provide extra downforce for improved handling, overall. The entire kit will cost you around $6,800, but RevoZport has shown its devotion to its long-running supporters through a “discounted” extension program. If you were one of the lucky few who purchased the original Model-X kit, you’ll be able to split the difference and upgrade to the XR for $3,900. Head to the company’s website for more information.

Purchase: $6,800+