Revo Reissues The NASA-Developed Moonwalker Zero G Sunglasses

NASA-developed technology has literally changed the way we see the world, a fact that’s made crystal clear with the reissue of the original Moonwalker Zero G sunglasses. In celebration of the 50th anniversary of the lunar landing, Revo is releasing 500 examples of the sunglasses that were developed with the same technology NASA used to stop harmful ultraviolet and infrared radiation in space without blocking usable light.

The Revo Moonwalker Zero G sunglasses feature lightweight titanium frames, dual color handmade acetate temples for durable comfort, and polarized Serilium+ blue water lenses that are lightweight while also impact-resistant. These limited edition shades also come with a hand-numbered certificate of authenticity and a commemorative reprint of the 1988 Revo ad featuring the third man on the moon, astronaut Pete Conrad. Thanks to the efforts of aerospace engineers, you can enjoy sunglasses on Earth with truer colors, better contrast, and clarity that’s easily described as “out of this world.” Pricing is set at $499.

Purchase: $499