Rplate Pro Digital License Plate

From its humble beginnings as a meager and novel replacement for horses to the standard mode of transportation it is today, the car has changed a tremendous amount over the course of history. By contrast, the license plate (each car’s unique registration identifier) hasn’t really changed at all. But the folks at Reviver Auto are looking to change that with the Rplate Pro – the world’s first digital license plate.

Thanks to its bright electronic display, this plate is clear and visible in any light or any weather. But what’s really cool about it is that the display also allows for digital registration sticker representation – meaning you’ll never have to scrape off old stickers or cut up your new one to stop people from stealing it. The Rplate Pro also allows for on-the-fly customization, so you can swap out license plate styles to suit your mood or to display solidarity with a charity or cause. It also comes in an anti-theft and -tampering housing and allows for digital telemetry tracking and geo-fencing (an added safety measure for corporate fleet vehicles). It’s only available in California and Arizona right now, but we imagine that will be expanding soon.

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