Peregrine’s Revenge GT1 Kit Pumps Porsche’s High-End Cars To 1,200HP

The introduction of carbon fiber components and body upgrades for contemporary automotive platforms has been a godsend for many, allowing builders and aftermarket customizers to cut the weight of said vehicles by a substantial amount. Fortunately, this also means that outrageously-priced aftermarket kits are more commonplace than ever. Peregrine Automotive’s most recent endeavor, the Revenge GT1 Porsche Kit, is one such example.

While still in the development stage, Peregrine has announced that its full-carbon kit will focus primarily on the enhancement of Porsche’s 991.2 Turbo, Turbo S, GT3, GT3RS, and GT2RS, boasting that optional power increases from 900-1200 horsepower, various widebody elements, and aerodynamic inclusions will come standard. Channeling key elements from the German automaker’s legendary 959, Carrera GT, 918 Spyder, and GT1, the Revenge GT1 kit calls upon a 100% carbon fiber body swap, a revised front grille, and nose intake, added roof, and rear scoops, and an aggressive diffuser to promote unparalleled downforce while driving. Depending on client preference, everything from custom tuning, all the way to full-fledged engine builds are possible, working alongside a modified suspension and larger tires to help the car’s immaculate power number translate well to the blacktop. The Revenge GT1 Porsche Kit will be available soon via Peregrine Automotive’s website for $389,000.

Purchase: $389,000