Reveho’s Modular Slite Travel Guitar Was Built For Traveling Musicians

Traveling with a guitar (or three) can be difficult if you don’t have the space, storage cases, or ability to do so. While heavy instrument transport has always been a cumbersome afterthought for bands, artists, and traveling musicians, companies like Reveho are hard at work innovating for a more modular tomorrow. Now, the brand has revealed one of the most compact six-string offerings that we’ve ever seen — the Slite Travel Guitar.

Slated for crowdfunding via Kickstarter in early September, the Reveho Slite brings an interesting, modular design to the table for musicians and artists. The unique instrument is fully compact in its base state, packing down into an 18 x 11 x 4-inch travel case for use at the next stop of the tour. Utilizing five primary components — including a plastic upper, and lower body, a modular, two-piece maple neck, and aluminum core — the Slite can be built into a full-fledged guitar in under 20 seconds. Once the instrument is fully constructed, analog and digital signals are allowed to communicate between its various parts, although traditional tuning practices will still be needed. For those social slayers out there, there’s even a built-in pre-amp, speaker, and power supply, should you feel that lugging around a full-sized amplifier/cable setup is a bit too strenuous. Head to Reveho’s website to check out the $1,710 Slite prior to its debut on Kickstarter.

Purchase: $1,710