ReTyre Modular Tire System

Typically, if you want to go from cycling through the city to hitting the trails, it means swapping bikes or – at the very least – changing out your tires. But what if you could go from pavement to dirt in seconds without all that hassle? Now you can, if you’ve got the ReTyre modular tire system.

The system is remarkably simple – all you have to do is equip your bike with the brand’s base road tire. Then, you can simply choose your different skins – alternative treads that fit over the base tire underneath and secure via a universal zipper. Then, you just hit the road. The skins come in a wide variety of options (we’re especially fond of the all-terrain one for mountain biking) and colors, so you can customize it to your activity and tastes. And since both the base tire and the skins are made from 90% natural rubber, you can count on their durability and quality for miles and miles. Soon, they’ll even be incorporating exotic materials and offering customization. Pricing starts at $36.

Purchase: $36+