RetroBlox Modular HD Retro Game Console

In the same way that contemporary turntables can now consolidate and convert a seemingly endless supply of old vinyl into MP3 format for easy storage, the RetroBlox is a wonderfully convenient machine that supports old gaming formats and provides a streamlined platform through which you can play a myriad of old childhood video games.

Through the RetroBlox, any gaming format from legit retro cartridges to cd games are compatible. You can choose among the hundreds of titles from systems like NES, Genesis, PSX or Sega CDs. It’s all fair game and the RetroBlox will even store the games within the device’s digital library, upscaling them to 1080p HD resolution in the process. The gaming console also allows you to stream via Youtube and Twitch. With that in mind, it’s time to bust out those old games, call the boys over, and spend a competitive and nostalgic evening in the man cave, partying like it’s 1995. No word on pricing just yet but be sure to keep an eye out as they’re set to hit the crowdfunding sites sometime this year. [Purchase]