Reto3D Wiggle 3D Film Camera

It’s no secret that companies have been trying to find a way to improvise upon their flagship camera offerings, and some have certainly risen to the occasion. While most manufacturers are focused on megapixels and shooting speeds, Reto3D has opted, instead, to provide users with a fresh new take on the 3D film camera — and this time, it comes in the form of the Wiggle.

The Wiggle isn’t just a fun, creative name — it embodies everything that the newly revealed film camera really is. A grouping of three 30mm lenses captures half-frame photographs at the touch of a button, utilizing slightly offset angles and an f/11 aperture that allows the user to mimic a three-dimensional rotation. In the vein of Instagram’s Boomerang function, a loopable, GIF-like image can be created using traditional photo and video editing software or the company’s companion app. Better yet, the wiggle utilizes a minimal, lightweight body that makes it the perfect companion for any creative who’s looking for a different view of their subject.

Kickstarter: $80