Ressence Type 5 Dive Watch

Dec 14, 2015

Category: Style

It’s safe to say that Ressence knows a thing or two about making beautiful watches, and their Type 1 and Type 3 watches are some of the best dive watches known to man. But the company has taken things even further with their next addition, the Type 5.

It’s the first mechanical watch to allow wearers to read it underwater, regardless of the viewing angle. Interestingly enough, the high readability is achieved with the use of oil, which cancels out what’s known as the Total Internal Reflection. Before this new watch, divers traditionally had to view their devices straight on in order to properly read it, but with this new oil-filled watch, readings can be taken from any angle. What’s more, the oil compensates for underwater pressure, which allowed Ressence to focus on creating a lightweight watch instead of using a heavier, over-sized case with thick glass. The watch is available for $35,800. [Purchase]

Ressence Type 5 Dive Watch 2

Ressence Type 5 Dive Watch 3

Ressence Type 5 Dive Watch 5

Ressence Type 5 Dive Watch 6

Ressence Type 5 Dive Watch 7

Ressence Type 5 Dive Watch 8

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