Ressence Type 2 Smart Crown Watch

When it comes to mechanical watches, true purists often scoff at any sort of electronic integration, whether it be in the movement, dials, or crown. It’s unnatural for a company to actually get it right — but Ressence, an innovative watchmaker from Belgium, may have found the perfect balance between digital and manual companionship with their newest offering, the Type 2.

While the timepiece might utilize traditional internals, a smart e-Crown system that’s been integrated into the watch ensures a “one-time” adjustment, storing the information digitally for the lifespan of the watch. Mechanical watches often have to be reset whenever you travel, move to a different timezone, or account for daylight-savings time, but with the Type 2, you can store a number of presets that are activated by a tap to the sapphire smart crown. Ressence’s improved tactile experience pairs with an interesting photovoltaic cell that provides self-charge via ten-micro shutter technology, while their newly developed app allows you to set the time through a phone’s Bluetooth connection. The Type 2 is expected to hit retail shelves in April.

Purchase: $43,200