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This Plant-Powered Air Purifier Creates A Naturally Clean Environment

With so much time being spent indoors these days, it’s hard to find time to connect to nature. This new reality was one of the driving forces behind Respira, a self-sustaining smart garden that doubles as a natural air purifier.

Respira works similarly to a standard air purifier, with one huge (and green) exception. Air enters through the top of the device, where a washable pre-filter traps dust and large particles. This filtered air passes through the hydroponic biologically active root zone — a wall of 13 customizable plants whose roots capture and destroy airborne toxins. The air then exits through the front of the device, filling your living space with clean air, increased humidity, evaporative cooling, and a stress-relieving connection to nature. Maintenance also promises to be low-stress. Water only needs to be added every ten days, plant nutrients every six months, and the filter should be washed every few months. All other upkeep is handled automatically by the machine itself, as is the monitoring of plant health and air quality — all of which is observable through the paired Respira app. The Respira natural air purifier is on Kickstarter now, with prices starting at $433.

Kickstarter: $433+