Research Expedition Vessel Superyacht

In a move similar to how the creator of dynamite also instituted the Nobel Peace Prize, Norwegian fishing and off-shore drilling magnate Kjell Inge Røkke is looking to do some good for the world with his billions. How? Well, not without some flash. The businessman, via brand Rosselinis Four-10, has commissioned the largest private boat ever built from the builders at Vard shipyard. But it’s also to function as a research and environmental cleanup vessel.

Called the REV (short for Research Expedition Vessel), this Espen Oeino-designed superyacht will measure up at a whopping 595 feet in length and require 40 crew for full operation. And while much of that space will be loaded with luxury accommodations, a good deal of it will be dedicated laboratory space for up to 60 scientists at a time. It will also have a research submarine, pads for two helicopters, both airborne and underwater drones, a direct drive diesel-electric propulsion with an exhaust cleaning system, and the ability to clean plastic directly from the oceans. On top of that, it is to be available for charter when not otherwise in use. This gargantuan ship is set to be completed in 2020.

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