Repulsor Wearable Flashlight

The LAPD Air Support team has a tool on their helicopters that they call Night Sun, and as the name would suggest, it is strong enough to essentially create day in the middle of the night. Now, some engineers and designers have created the Repulsor flashlight as a way to give civilians that same capability

Billed as the “Bugatti of flashlights” by its creators, the Repulsor is capable of putting out 7,911 lumens – well above any other production flashlight of a similar size. Depending on what setting you run it on – you can shine light on objects anywhere between 600 and 2,300 feet away. While it is definitely large, it is built to fit snugly around your waist so you can keep your hands free while you are moving across dimly lit streets or through the dark backcountry. Powered by a 900mAh/12000mAh Li-ion battery, this thing can run between 90 and 115 minutes, and has the ability to charge electronics through a USB port. Grab one for yourself starting at $175. [Purchase]

Repulsor Wearable Flashlight 00

Repulsor Wearable Flashlight 1

Repulsor Wearable Flashlight 2

Repulsor Wearable Flashlight 3