Renovo x Glenmorangie Original Bicycle

Combining liquor with bicycles usually results in a hefty fine or an even steeper medical bill. Thankfully for us, there are no penalties for enjoying the wild concoction that is the Renovo x Glenmorangie Original Bicycle.

The famed Scottish distiller (if you aren’t familiar with their scotch whiskey, change that) and Portland, Oregon-based wooden frame builder came together around their shared passion; wood. After kicking around some ideas for a collaboration, the two decided to join forces and produce what might very well be the world’s first bicycle made from up-cycled whiskey casks. Far from being just a gimmick, this bike frame is eminently rideable. Renovo has made their name in the cycling world by using wood as a material to create fast and responsive frames that are capable of going up against the best plastic or alloy builds. These special edition frames can fit tires anywhere between the stock 700×28 to the heftier 40mm. And depending on your preference, the frame can be fitted with the components of your choice. Only a limited number of these are available.

Purchase: $6,950