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Renault’s Morphoz AI-Driven Electric SUV Can Transform To Suit Your Needs

Amidst the automotive industry’s rapid transition into the world of all-electric vehicles, there are a handful of companies that have decided to take a more humanistic approach. While the vast majority of manufacturers have opted to follow the trend, Renault has decided to take the road-less-traveled with the recently-announced Morphoz — an adaptable, transformative electric crossover vehicle that’s been built to evolve alongside its buyer.

The Morphoz is certainly a denizen of the future — and an evolutionary platform that takes an uncharted path seemingly unbeknownst to its counterparts. Not only does the vehicle boast Level 3 autonomy, which allows it to utilize Artificial Intelligence to aid in daily driving, but it can also transform to house more occupants on a whim, thanks to an extendable dashboard that pushes forward for more legroom, adaptable seating, and a longer chassis to promote enhanced battery capacity. But what makes the Renault Morphoz so interesting is its performance-oriented, transformative nature, which allows drivers to switch between a short-range “City” mode, and long-range “Travel” mode via an expandable battery tray below the car. Heading out of the city? Throw in a couple more batteries at the next recharge station, and return them to the kiosk when you’re ready to revert back for your daily commute. We’ve barely skimmed the surface of the all-new electric crossover — head to Renault’s website to learn more.

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