Renault EZ-Tournée Concept Car

For the most part, French automaker Renault is known for playing it safe. But lately, they’ve been kicking things up a notch with a number of bold concepts. Still, even they weren’t brave enough to take things to the next level, as digital designer Artyom Trofimenko did with his EZ-Tournée concept car.

Created with the brand’s signature style language in mind, this mind-boggling concept reaches into the far-flung future — with an appearance that looks more like it came out of a 1980s sci-fi movie than something you’d see on the road today. Of course, that also comes with some futuristic upgrades suited to such an environment, like an efficient all-electric drivetrain, 360-degree views thanks to transparent paneling throughout the car, and a two-person cabin with luxurious seats and plenty of room. There’s a pretty good chance we’ll never see this concept hit the road — but, in this case, that’s a pretty big shame.

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