Remote Control Range Rover Sport

As the sun has seemingly, mercifully set on that trend known as ghost riding, perhaps the kids who were stepping out of their moving cars for YouTube fame can graduate to the Remote Control Range Rover Sport.

This prototype system from Range Rover UK lets you use a smartphone app to control a Range Rover Sport’s steering, brakes, and throttle while standing outside of the vehicle. Before you get any crazy ideas, just know that the vehicle’s speed is limited to 4 mph and the phone needs to be within 10 feet of the SUV. So when would you use this? Think of a situation where you’re trying to navigate some particularly treacherous terrain, or maybe need to step outside of the vehicle to see if you can really squeeze into that tight parking spot. No word if this technology will ever hit production models. Watch the video below.

Remote Control Range Rover Sport 2

Remote Control Range Rover Sport 3