Remote Control R2-D2 Mini Fridge

We’ve seen a ton of great Star Wars merchandising in the past, and this isn’t the first time that there has been a Star Wars x fridge mash-up. But now, R2-D2 has been given the fridge treatment.

It’s a Remote Control R2-D2 Mini Fridge developed by AQUA that not only keeps your drinks cold, but it will also deliver your drinks to you. It uses all of the sounds, lights and movements from R2-D2, the friendly droid we’ve come to know and love in the Star Wars universe. The fridge can hold up to 12 cans inside its shell, and you can control it with a remote control. So if you’re sitting on the couch, or trapped under something heavy (like your crippling lack of motivation, perhaps), you can just pick up the remote and drive your little white and blue friend right to you for a refreshing beverage. It’s available now for $8,000. [Purchase]