This Sustainable Premium Plastic-Free Leather Alternative Is Made From Fungi

As time goes by, more and more people are becoming acquainted with the fact that leather isn’t exactly eco-friendly, both in terms of the cost and damage of raising cattle as well as the chemicals required to process it. However, alternatives don’t quite look or perform the same. A new option is finally ready to hit the market from a brand called MycoWorks that’s said to look, feel, and age just like real leather — and, believe it or not, its made from fungi.

Called Reishi, the brand is claiming that this Fine Mycelium material is a new class of fabric all its own. Made from actual mushrooms and developed over a whopping 20 years, it’s all-natural and far more sustainable than traditional cowhide, yet still shares many of the same properties — including its durability, appearance, weatherproofing, and even in how it ages. In fact, MycoWorks is even claiming that it can be custom grown for customized properties, lending even more versatility. As of yet, the material hasn’t yet been utilized in any available products, but we expect to see it in action in the very near future.

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