Reigning Champ Black Nights Collection

Whether you’re committed to intense training or you’re the type of person who just wants to appreciate a well-designed collection of athletic gear, Reigning Champ has you covered in every department. Their new Black Nights Collection is a stunning utilitarian take on traditional training gear.

The collection features a purposeful colorway inspired by dark, unbearably cold days and midwinter training sessions. The entire lineup was handcrafted by Reigning Champ in Canada and utilizes their signature fabric to bring the wearer the ultimate in athletic comfort and durability. The classic stadium jacket and midweight terry feature a handsome jacquard camo satin detail, while the track jacket and sweatpants boast a camo satin stripe. The black tonal silhouettes of each piece are adorned in stitched camo lettering and tackle twill embroidery, giving the collection a dark, gritty feel that’s a perfect pairing for cold, early morning expeditions.

Purchase: $55+