Conquer The Rapids With Kokopelli’s Kevlar-Reinforced Nirvana Packraft

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Finding the perfect packraft to take on backcountry rapids is a moderately difficult process. Not only are many of today’s most popular variants heavy, large, and unintuitive, but they’re also catered toward the river head, meaning that you’ll be able to use tools, pumps, and other items to get them into working order. Luckily, Kokopelli specializes in the creation of raft systems that can be utilized virtually anywhere — and now, their Nirvana Packraft is on sale at REI.

The Kokopelli Nirvana is an abnormal specimen among the genre’s ever-expanding range of heavy-duty packrafts. It retains its durable thermoplastic-polyurethane-coated nylon construction, as well as a comfortable, padded foam seat, 300-pound weight capacity, and Kevlar-reinforced stress areas, while still clocking in at under 11 pounds. That’s a godsend for whitewater enthusiasts who are looking to pack their raft out and head deep into the backcountry, where they’ll be able to utilize the Nirvana’s watertight TiZip storage system, four-way stretch spray skirt, and proprietary inflation bag system, allowing for expedient set up in under three minutes. If you run into trouble, Kokopelli’s packraft even comes with an intuitive patch kit, meaning you’ll be able to peel-n-stick your way back to civilization. Head to REI’s website, where the Nirvana is on-sale for $1,120, to procure one of your own.

Purchase: $1,120