Reebok’s Jurassic Park Collection Is Filled With Dino-Fueled ‘90s Nostalgia

Welcome to… Jurassic Park… courtesy of Reebok. The sportswear company is launching a new capsule collection in honor of the iconic blockbuster film, with shoes and apparel decked out in ‘90s dinosaur goodness.

The Reebok x Jurassic Park Collection is as robust as a T-Rex’s appetite, with 8 shoes and 6 tops for adults, plus 7 shoes for kids. Among the highlights are a special iteration of the Instapump Fury sneakers that are decked out in the yellow, red, and green livery of the movie’s memorable tour vehicles. If those are a little too loud for you, then you may be interested in the blacked-out Stompers that were crafted with inGen employees in mind. There’s also a Pump Omni Zone II basketball shoe modelled after the fan-favorite Dilophosaurus, AKA the “Spitter” that ate Newman from Seinfeld. On the apparel side, there’s a collection of themed tees and hoodies, and for the superfans out there, a tactical utility vest that will have you well-equipped for your trip to Isla Nubar. The Jurassic Park Collection goes on sale at Reebok’s website on July 30, with prices ranging from $35 to $200.

Purchase: $35+