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The ‘Forever Floatride GROW’ Is Reebok’s First Plant-Based Sneaker

Reebok has spent the vast majority of its time at the forefront of athletic footwear, and through the decades, its reputation on, and off the court has become irrefutable. However, the brand’s courtside sneakers aren’t the only area where it excels. Recently, Reebok announced that it would take on the running world with an all-new example dubbed the Forever Floatride GROW — its first-ever USDA certified plant-based shoe.

While the Floatride GROW departs from the chunky, recognizable silhouettes that have made the brand so popular, it’s for good reason. The sleek, slimline design is tailored toward running, walking, and training, acting as a mediator between conscious, health-minded individuals, and the tarmac below. To promote the company’s ethical ethos, the GROW is comprised of a few interesting ingredients, including BLOOM algae, eucalyptus, castor beans, and real rubber trees. A closer look reveals the Floatride’s earth-inspired characteristics, which include beige lacing, a white mesh upper, and soil-hued accents, throughout. To round things out, the brand has decided to work alongside one of Boston’s most notable farms to create a unique, “collector’s edition” shoebox packed with fresh vegetables. But there’s a catch: only the first 50 customers to order the shoe through Reebok’s UNLOCKED site will receive the limited-edition keepsake. Look for the GROW to launch via the company’s website on October 1.

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