Reebok Revives Throwback Outdoor Styles With The Classic Trail Pack

As obvious as it may seem, the worlds of footwear, fashion, and performance attire have become enamored by the return of retro styles. Companies like Nike, The North Face, and Adidas have led the charge toward the reintroduction of archival staples, calling upon fabled pieces from the 80s, 90s, and early 2000s to bolster their contemporary catalogs. Now, Reebok has decided to join the fray.

The newly-introduced Classic Trail Pack is an homage to retro street style, pairing a handful of purposeful garments, sneakers, and bags with the company’s dramatic, but nostalgic, color palette. Fans of the vintage collection will appreciate the inclusion of the brand’s traditional pink, purple, and teal; but for those who seek something a bit tamer, rest assured — colors like white, brown, navy and black are still plentiful. Within the Classic Trail Pack, you’ll find fashionable staples like the Aztrek ’96 and Daytona DMX II sneaker, Trail Windbreaker, Track Pant, and Half-Zip, alongside a generous selection of tees, socks, and headwear. With over 39 items, the classic collection is sure to house the perfect garment for your next adventurous outing; so, head to Reebok’s website to check out the Trail Pack in its entirety before it’s released on September 20.

Purchase: $15+