Reebok Revives The ‘Stepover’ Sneakers From Iverson’s Greatest Moment

NBA legend Allen Iverson accomplished a lot in his Hall of Fame career, but his 2000-01 season represented his peak. That season, A.I. won the All-Star game MVP, the NBA MVP, and led the Philadelphia 76ers to their first NBA Finals appearance since 1983. The series against the defending champion L.A. Lakers included what became Iverson’s defining moment when he crossed up defender Tyronn Lue, causing him to fall over, and drained a clutch baseline jumper before triumphantly stepping over his vanquished foe on the way to leading the Sixers to a surprise game one overtime victory. Now, Reebok is celebrating the 20th anniversary of that moment by re-releasing the shoes A.I. wore during the game with the Answer IV “Stepover.”

The new Reebok Answer IV “Stepover” 20th Anniversary offers all the style and swagger of Iverson’s iconic shoe. The black and white kicks are largely faithful to the turn-of-the-21st-century originals with their DMX cushioning, 3M reflective “I3” logos, TPU bridge plate, and graphic of Iverson’s face embedded in the outsole with the slogan “Only The Strong Survive.” The resurrected basketball shoes are set to arrive on Reebok’s website on June 4 — one day shy of the Stepover’s 20th anniversary — and will retail for $130.

Purchase: $130