Reebok Alien Stompers

Anyone old or cool enough to remember the James Cameron’s 1986 blockbuster hit Aliens probably also remembers the killer hi-top Reebok’s Ripley repped while kicking some extra-terrestrial tail. Well, three decades later and Reebok finally got the hint as they plan to make these Alien Stomper a reality this month.

Due for release on April 26, these hi-tops come shortly after Nike’s release of their Back To The Future self-lacing Air Mag trainers. Unlike the Nike’s however, the Alien Stompers won’t self-lace, but they will provide you with a high alternative to the other kicks in your collection. Reebok did release a version of these shortly after the film but never in true hi-top fashion. The release date is synced for Alien Day; an attempt to garner the same following as May the Fourth. The significance of the date comes from the Alien movies, connected to the planet LV-426, home of the Xenomorph creatures.

Each Stomper comes in red and white, just like Ripley’s, and features three velcro straps to secure them all the way to the top. They will be available for limited release in small numbers on the Reebok website and select stores worldwide. No word on pricing yet, but we suspect you’d better start saving. [Purchase]