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REE Auto Shows Off 3 Working Prototypes Of Its Highly-Modular EV Platforms

With the Governor of California recently signing a bill banning the sale of new petrol-powered production vehicles in 2035, it’s more clear now than ever before that all-electric vehicles objectively represent the future of transportation. And as the civilian and industrial transportation industries ready themselves for this historic shift to clean energy, an increasing number of startups have popped up to meet the near-exponential demand expected to rise over the next decade.

REE Auto is one such company that’s looking to reshape the automotive landscape with the introduction of its trio of fully-electric, highly-modular EV platforms. Touted by the Israeli firm as “the world’s most advanced electric platform,” these battery-powered skateboards are fully-scalable and boast full X-by-Wire powertrain architecture, a proprietary steer-by-wire system, and a slew of engine, brake, and suspension options that can be individually replaced as needed. Backed by funding from Toyota, REE’s three platforms consist of the P1 AD, which is a small last-mile delivery vehicle; the P2 which is a mid-sized modular EV platform designed to replace existing fleets of Class 1 commercial vehicles; and finally the P4, which is the largest of the trio and is capable of hauling payloads as heavy as one ton.

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