Redshift Sports ShockStop Seatpost

Bike riding not only lets you cover more ground faster in the urban scene, but it helps you to discover more of what’s outside of the city bubble; however, when you take your bike on more rough terrain, the ride can be a pain. Philly’s Redshift Sports has created the ShockStop Seatpost to help smooth out your ride.

A rigid seat post doesn’t do well with bumps or impacts on your route and may lead to pain and possible injuries. This aluminum alloy adjustable-stiffness suspension seat post is made for rocky terrain and everyday potholes, and is suitable for any type of bike, including road, commuter and mountain bikes. It has a 35mm suspension and an adjustable spring rate, allowing you to match your particular riding style. There’s also a four-bar linkage that ensures your saddle angle remains the same throughout the duration of your ride. Not to mention, the ShockStop Seatpost allows you to go faster by stabilizing your ride, allowing your bike to absorb the impact so that you can cruise comfortably and enjoy the cool air breeze. You can preorder one right now.

Purchase: $160