Red Wing Leather Work Oxford

Red Wing has cobbled up a sweet red Oxford that’s comfortable, fashionable and fully professional without bringing out the brogues. A new design, derived from their original round-tips from the 1950s, the Red Wing Work Oxford brings the comfort of an old shoe, with an exciting new silhouette and hue to match a bolder modern aesthetic.

The Work Oxford is built to luxuriate your foot. Oil-tanned leather from S.B. Foot Tanning Co. is water, stain and perspiration resistant, ensuring that your feet stay dry and stench-free. The warm and rich leather is durable, and has provided the material for innumerable pairs of boots throughout Red Wings 100+. A deep, blood orange color is balanced by the lighter-tint Goodyear welt design and stitching, making for a beautiful, contrasting look that gels amicably. A bump toe provides extra room for your phalanges, and the leather stretches and bends to accommodate the wearer’s particular foot shape.

Purchase: $250