Red Wing Heritage Is Auctioning Off A Selection Of Rare Boots For Charity

Red Wing Heritage is giving you the chance to own some of their rarest boots ever, and as if that wasn’t good enough news already, proceeds from the sale will go to an underserved and very deserving charity.

Red Wing Heritage has teamed up with Taiwanese laundry shop Want Show Laundry — whose owners Mr. and Mrs. Chang have become viral sensations thanks to their penchant for donning fashionable decades-old clothing that was abandoned in their shop — to curate a collection of rare Red Wings to be auctioned off. The selection consists of 30 pairs of boots and includes unreleased prototypes, special editions, and limited runs, together making up some of the rarest and most exclusive Red Wings ever. Proceeds from the sale will benefit the Changs’ Want Show Redefine Project, a circular fashion initiative that resells long-forgotten garments from Taiwanese laundry shops to help the cleaners cover their unpaid bills incurred by the abandoned items. All of the boots — which contain such oddities as basketball-inspired boots from the 2019 March Madness season and a 1950s inspired Canoe Moc from 2013 — are being auctioned off through a dedicated eBay page, with the bidding set to close on March 24.

Purchase: $261+