Red House by JVA

Jan 14, 2016

Category: Living

It’s rare to see truly bold housing designs set in the wilderness, with many designers trying to squeeze an almost futuristic look into their creations, ignoring classic looks that simply work. The Red House by JVA goes for bold.

It’s set in the suburbs of Oslo, Norway, in the frequently snow-covered hills. The house’s most defining feature is its red paint job, that sticks out like a sore thumb among the hill that it sits on. The house has two floors. The top floor contains the master bedroom, kitchen, living area, and a covered terrace, and the lower floor contains the kid’s bedrooms. It has large windows that provide breathtaking views of its surroundings, and it’s set perpendicular to a nearby stream to not only provide the lower half of the home with a gorgeous view, but to also make it all seem a bit more dramatic.

Red House by JVA 2

Red House by JVA 3

Red House by JVA 4

Red House by JVA 5

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