This REC Watch Was Made With Metal From Akira Nakai’s Actual Porsche 911

Whether or not you’re a fan of Akira Nakai’s controversial Porsche modifications, there’s no doubt that his name will strike a chord with any true air-cooled aficionado. His reputation within the community has made him something of an anti-hero, representing the underground custom culture and exhibiting divine savagery that deviates from the “clean-cut” appearance of many traditional Porsche 911 peripheral designers. Now, his unique approach has been immortalized with REC Watches’ 901 RWB Stella — an auto-inspired timepiece incorporating Nakai-San’s own blood, sweat, and tears.

Calling upon a unique, hand-crafted dial cut directly from Akira Nakai-San’s RWB Stella Porsche 911, this beautiful watch takes on a living piece of the artist’s 12-year passion project — and his first full-fledged conversion. Following the accumulation of hoods from his various air-cooled projects, Nakai has reached into the coffers of his Kashiwa-based shop to supply REC with raw material for the new 901 RWB Stella. Each timepiece takes on a bespoke dial coated with clear lacquer, as well as a four-piece stainless-steel, PVD-coated case, durable sapphire glass, and an automatic mechanical CAL. 9100 movement with a 40-hour power reserve. Head to REC’s website to inquire about the limited-to-305 manufacturing run, and pick up one of your own for $1,795.

Purchase: $1,795