Rec 901 Watch Collection

Rec, a small watch company based out of Copenhagen, Denmark made waves when they came out with a watch built with parts of scrapped Ford Mustangs. Now the team is back with a watch made from the equally iconic Porsche 911 and they’re dubbing it the Rec 901 Collection.

This timepiece combines two things that most men covet; a classic Porsche and a quality made automatic watch – so no wonder it already looks like an instant hit. Every part of the 901 is made to in some way resemble the classic air-cooled Porsche. The rounded edges of the case near the lugs look like the air grill at the back of the car, while the face is obviously a face inspired by the dashboard of the classic 911. Even the instrument that indicates how much power is left in the watch’s Miyota automatic movement looks like the fuel gauge from the car. And to top everything off, every watch will come accompanied with a story about recovered vehicle it was made from. These are expected to retail at $1,790.

Purchase: $1,790