Reboot Buggy By Joey Ruiter

Originally popularized back in the 1960s, dune buggies have changed a lot from their humble beginnings as transformed VW Beetles. Now, most of the well-built ones are off-road-ready brawlers built for high speeds over any terrain. Even still, the Reboot Buggy by Joey Ruiter puts most others to shame.

After years of tweaks and design changes — including ditching an AI unit in favor of a flesh-and-blood driver — this deconstructed buggy is finally ready to hit the road, dirt, dunes, rocks, or whatever else you can throw at it. Stripped down to its basest necessary elements, the sand-shredding monster is powered by a Chevy V8 engine that gives it an impressive 470 horsepower and a top speed approaching 140 mph. To cope with the uneven terrain you’ll want to tackle in it, it also comes with a whopping 26″ of travel at the front and back, a Ford 8.8 independent rear differential, an integrated front-end winch, lights across the front and back (for low-light or night driving), and a quartet of monstrous Yokohama Geo-Lander off-road tires. For a pure off-road driving machine, you can’t do much better than this $107,844 beast.

Purchase: $107,844