Real Life Super Mario Kart

Forget about beach season coming up in a few months, we just found the ultimate reason to lose weight: being able to fit your ass on this Super Mario Ride On Kart. Weight capacity is 70 lbs. You up for the challenge or what?

It’s a 6-volt ride based on the classic Nintendo game, and while the makers say it’s aimed at toddlers, we call bullpucky. How’s a 4-year-old gonna appreciate a Super Nintendo reference? Now regarding the top speed of 2.5 mph, we admit we’d like to see that decimal point moved a smidgen over to the right, but the Kart does feature forward and reverse driving, on- and off-road tires, and a working brake pedal, so it’s already got Fred Flinstone’s car beat. It also has signature sound effects from the game; another thing that would probably get lost on today’s toddlers, who, studies show, are only familiar with the sounds of Call of Duty bullets piercing virtual flesh. [Purchase]