Re-Purposed File Knives by Creek Cutler

Breathing new life into the past can be a fun and useful way to reuse and repurpose old materials into something more practical. And while we’re not entirely sure about the practicality of these knives, they certainly are aesthetically pleasing while getting the job done, functionally that is.

Outfitted by Creek Cutler, each knife is repurposed from scrap farriers and metal working files. They’re strictly made from carbon steel, are forged, heat treated, then given a second chance at life as a blade. The original file also serves as a nuanced handle grip and buyers can choose between either a paring, santoku, or chef’s blade for their File Knife. It’s quite literally that physical manifestation of the cliche past meets present, and with such a durable blade at your disposal, there’s no telling how this piece will serve you in the years to come. Prices range according to fit type and knife model. Available now.

Purchase: $165+