RBW Specializes In Restoring Classic British Cars With All-Electric Powertrains

Although they have a history stretching all the way back to the early 19th century, electric cars are still regarded as something belonging to the future. Granted, they’ve made great strides in the approachability of their design language, but there’s still something off-putting about the EV — especially amongst classic car enthusiasts. And while DIY classics conversions are a dime a dozen, they’re often a bit half-baked in execution.

Specializing in bespoke classic electric cars, RBW’s builds are unlike any other. Currently, their models include British icons such as the MGB roadster, MGB GT, and Jaguar E-Type, with a Mini Cooper conversion in the works. Rather than utilizing bodies made of old and worn-out sheet metal, RBW partnered with British Motor Heritage to provide new shells made to the same specs as the originals. And with an interior done up by Protrim, each car provides a second-to-none luxury experience. Complemented by a Pioneer WiFi-enabled navigation system with a large 7-inch touchscreen, these cars are complete 21st-century masterpieces. Under the hood, each RBW comes with a Continental Engineering Services motor and six Hyperdrive li-ion batteries. Range tops out at 160 miles, but it can be extended with an extra battery. Prices start at $117,000.

Purchase: $117,000+