RBT Beer Growler

Once an idea has been taken to its logical conclusion, all that’s left is to perfect the idea or product as to increase its aesthetic value for consumers. That’s exactly what RBT decided to do with their beer growler, built from silicone, aluminum, and stainless steel and featuring hand-finished touches for extra finesse.

Each growler is a 64oz double-insulated beer-storing vessel that’s at your service whenever you’re craving that cherished craft variant but not the bar atmosphere. Its metal handle is hand-finished and designed for easy pouring and carrying, the double-walled lid boasts additional insulation and clips to the handle when shut, and because of the great care that goes into building each growler, hand washing is the suggested means of cleaning. So while it may not be your go-to camping or outdoor adventure growler, its design and composition suit those times when it’s necessary to enjoy the finer things in life. So go ahead, taste with care. Available now for $60. [Purchase]

RBT Beer Growler 01

RBT Beer Growler 3