RBmG 01 Rubber Band Machine Gun

Being stuck in an office all day is the pits, and, occasionally, you might find yourself with a little bit of extra time — it’s unavoidable. Of course, boredom leads to office shenanigans, and if you delve in the art of office warfare, check out this Rubber Band Machine Gun.

This wooden gun shoots 10 rounds per second, using motor driving firing with a single squeeze of the trigger. It’s crafted using precision laser cut wood parts, and it comes disassembled. Owners are tasked with assembling their weapon, which takes roughly 30 minutes, requiring only screwdrivers and pliers. The gun holds 63 rubber bands per round. The RBmG 01, as it’s called, is battery powered. So if you’re ready to take your office battles to the next level, the rubber band gun is available now for $40. [Purchase]

RBmG 01 Rubber Band Machine Gun 2

RBmG 01 Rubber Band Machine Gun 3

RBmG 01 Rubber Band Machine Gun 4