Razor RipSurf

Razor, the same company who made the popular Crazy Cart and kick-scooter, have made it so you can get the sensation of surfing without ever having to hit the beach.

Surfing’s great and all, but not all of us are blessed by the ocean’s presence. Razor wanted to channel that sensation of surfing into an asphalt cruiser. By using the brand’s patented RipStik torsional technology, the RipSurf is made to mimmic both the look and feel of riding the waves. Without having to take your feet off of the board, you can speed up and slow down by twisting the board forward and back. Set on top of two caster wheels, the 10.5” by 33” fiber-reinforced industrial grade polymer board is designed in the shape of a surfboard. You can scoop yours up online for $130. Watch the video below. [Purchase]

Razor RipSurf 2

Razor RipSurf 4

Razor RipSurf 5

Razor RipSurf 6