Razor Crazy Cart XL

Razor’s Crazy Cart was a big hit last year, what with its single steerable wheel giving riders the ability to pull off amazing video game-like drifts and turns. There was one catch though: The weight limit was 140 pounds. But now, hearing the impassioned cries of adult males everywhere, Razor has delivered the Crazy Cart XL. Yes, it’s man-ready.

The XL features a larger and sturdier frame, a bigger battery, 500-watt electric motor, and a roomier seat. Razor says it can handle riders up to 300 pounds and still hit its top speed of around 17 mph. Of course, the key to the controlled chaos is the drift bar lever, which has now been reinforced and made simpler for the rider to lift the cart, letting the caster wheels underneath do their crazy thing. Get your credit cards ready: Razor says it’s only making 1,600 Crazy Cart XLs for $800 a pop – although they’re currently on sale for the holidays. Watch the video below to see it in action. [Purchase]

Razor Crazy Cart XL 2

Razor Crazy Cart XL 3

Razor Crazy Cart XL 4

Razor Crazy Cart XL 5