Razer’s Smart N95 Face Mask Has A Built-In A/C System, Mic, & Speakers

When we first entered the pandemic, most masks were a pretty simple cloth affair. However, since that time, all manner of manufacturers — from shoe companies to ski suppliers — have stepped up in order to support the provision of PPE. As such, we’ve seen an unprecedented rate of development in the existing offerings.

But nothing like this. Along with its typically futuristic gaming gear unveiled at CES this year, Razer has announced an innovative N95 mask it’s calling ‘Project Hazel.’ For starters, the design uses a clear, transparent mouth piece in order to allow for improved communication and facial cue recognition. What’s more, it sports a built-in mic and amplifier, a combination that ensures your voice rings loud and clear even when covered. And when it comes to safety, Project Hazel has microbe-filtering features in spades. A pair of rechargeable ventilators bring cool air in while also releasing hot breath produced during exhalation. Battery life is expected to be good enough for all day usage, but the unit also includes a wireless charging case for quick top-ups. Oh, and let’s be honest — it wouldn’t be Razer if it didn’t come with some Chroma RBG. Click the link below for more.

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