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Razer’s Next-Level Gaming Chair Has A Curved 60″ Display For Ultra-Immersion

Every year, it never fails that Razer will release a suite of next-level gaming concepts that most people would think belonged to the future. However, while you might be inclined to discount them as impossible aspirations, chances are good that they’ll hit production sooner rather than later. Honestly, for Razer, the stuff of dreams looks more like reality.

This time, Razer is bringing to the table an ultimate gaming chair it’s calling ‘Project Brooklyn.’ Designed to offer an ultra-immersive user experience — while taking up about as much space as a standard seating arrangement — the most standout feature of the design is its 60″ rollout OLED display. When stored, it hides conveniently behind the headrest, but with just the push of a button, it’s quickly deployed for the user’s viewing. Elsewhere on the chair, you’ll find the brand’s Hypersense Integration, a system of independently activated vibration modules that allows for an incredibly realistic tactile response during gameplay. Rounded out by a carbon fiber bucket seat, a set of transformable 4D armrests, and Razer’s Chroma RGB color personalization, the resulting chair is one that would transform gaming like never before. Head to the link below for more.

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